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Collaboration Systems
Using Tiki CMS Groupware

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The Tiki (wiki cms groupware) software used by Enmore is a robust, well supported, and widely used open source application. It is particularly well suited to underpinning support and collaboration business processes and it also allows great flexibility in designing the look and feel of a web based system in order to match an individual client's existing web presence.

Enmore works proactively with key members of the Tiki development community with a particular focus upon developments that enable the system to more effectively underpin collaborative business processes.

The software provides an extensive and integrated set of Features, each of which can be independently ‘activated’ so that only the required set of capabilities for a specific site are deployed. When using these Features they each have a very flexible set of individual permissions (view, edit etc) that can be applied to specific groups of users. This flexible permission system can be customised for individual deployments to create any required segmentation, and coupled with customised navigation aids/menus, that can be group specific, a highly tailored user view with selective access to content can be provided for the different groups of users.


Services provided by Enmore: