Collaboration and Digital Making Services

Over the last 25 years there has been a revolution in the way that information and communication technologies, and in particular the Internet, have affected our lives. Most small and medium sized businesses now use office based IT as a matter of course and will almost certainly have a basic web site.

But how many small and medium sized businesses are taking full advantage of all these new capabilities?

Large companies have traditionally invested in sophisticated in-house development and support systems to allow them to develop new products & services, manage complex manufacturing supply chains, increase internal efficiencies, collaborate with business partners and provide sophisticated customer service.

But small and medium sized businesses historically have had neither the funds nor the expertise to adopt these large company methods and practices.

To address this issue Enmore Services, based in the UK, provides a range of capabilities to provide on-line marketing, customer support and partner collaboration web services with a special focus upon underpinning key business processes. Support is also provided for the new digital making technologies that underpin much of what is now being called the "Fourth Industrial Revolution".

Taking advantage of open source software, new digital making technologies, and the expanding range of inexpensive communication technologies, a customised set of services are deployed for each individual Enmore client. With systems mapped to the client's business processes, a turn-key approach deploys the individual client needs with a range of supporting Professional Services.

Exploiting low cost information and communication technologies in a planned way.